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Sammic Sam 3001

Cutlery Polisher Sammic 3001

Output: 3000 pieces per hour.

Dries, polishes and removes lime scale stains from cutlery after
Fully automatic.
Stainless steel body and polishing tank.
Rounded cutlery caroussel, avoiding cutlery jams.
Economy: saves on personnel costs and quick return of investment.
Speed: hourly output of up to 3,000 pieces.
 Hygiene: the germicidal UVC-ray lamp sterilizes both the cutlery and
the polishing product.

Germicidal UVC-ray lamp.
Outlet fan.
Drying polishing product 3 kg.

MODEL Sammic 3001

PRICE   €3899

WARRANTY 12 Months manufacturers warranty

Sammic Sam 3001

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